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5 Trendy Fall-Inspired Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Move over summer because fall is practically here! Even if the temperature outside doesn’t want to cool down, it’s time to roll out the pumpkin seasoning and variation of ciders and prepare for all the fall projects. And one way to transition with the season is to switch up your hairstyle. Whether it’s a hair color change, a new cut, or a stylish updo, the fall time is the perfect time to experiment.

For our natural hair divas, we have five fall-inspired hairstyles for your tresses. Save your favorite look and call your stylist up now!

Top Fall-Inspired Hairstyles

5 Fall-Inspired Hairstyles for Natural Hair
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  1. Locs/Faux Locs 

Protective styles are everything and perfect for transitioning into the cooler months. And locs are at the top of the list for many people. They’re versatile because they can be styled anyway and come in any length you want. All you need to keep your locs fresh between retwists or takedown is your satin bonnet and your edge control tools to keep those edges fresh.

Currently, my favorite style is soft locs. They’re easy on my edges and lightweight.

5 Fall-Inspired Hairstyles for Natural Hair
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2. Stitch Braids 

First, braids are timeless. One can never go wrong with a braided style. And one form of popular braids is stitch braids. Stitch braids switch things from traditional cornrows by adding horizontal partings into the rows. Make sure to keep your hair moisturized, a silk scarf, and your edge control tools, and you’ll be good to go.

5 Fall-Inspired Hairstyles for Natural Hair
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3. Curls

You can never go wrong rocking your natural curls. Sometimes you want to give your hair a break and rock a wash and go. Letting your tresses flow is perfect for the fall. The LOC Method is a great way to add definition and shine. The pineapple method and a satin bonnet will keep your curls intact, or you can twist/braid up your tresses and put on a satin bonnet.

5 Fall-Inspired Hairstyles for Natural Hair
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4. Boho Goddess Braids 

Add a flare to one of our favorite styles with these Boho Goddess Braids. This style consists of a box or knotless braids with curly ends and free curly pieces throughout the head. This is a great style using your natural hair or braiding hair and deep wave/twist (crochet) hair. Remember to wrap your hair up at night with a satin scarf or bonnet to minimize frizz. Mousse can help with the curly pieces. And don’t forget to keep your scalp moisturized as needed.

5 Fall-Inspired Hairstyles for Natural Hair
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5. Bob 

A bob is one hairstyle that looks great in all textures – straight, curly, etc. It is a super chic hairstyle and perfect for the fall. The best way to maintain your straight bob is by wrapping your hair in a circular motion and using pins to hold it in place. Lastly, wrap it with a silk scarf at night, and you’ll be good to go.

Are you in love with these styles like me? Which look are you booking for your fall go-to? Comment below!


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