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Omicron Variant Is Now Dominant COVID-19 Strain In The U.S.

According to the CDC, the Omicron variant is now the dominant COVID-19 strain in the U.S. The variant makes up for over 73% of the new coronavirus cases. The CDC posted the shocking, new estimates on Monday. Nearly a month ago, Omicron sprouted up and had surpassed the Delta variant. As of now, the Delta variant only accounts for the additional 26.6%. Per the data, Omicron makes up over 95% of the circulating virus in parts of the Northwest and Southeast.

As of Monday, 48 states reported cases of the variant. The only states that have not reported cases of Omicron are Oklahoma and South Dakota. On Sunday, Dr. Fauci warned that Omicron would take over soon because of its highly contagious nature. WHO says that cases are doubling every 1.5 to 3 days.

The Reality of the Omicron Variant

Unfortunately, a Texas man in his 50s passed away due to the variant. This is the first confirmed Omicron death in the U.S. Sadly, the man was unvaccinated and had previously experienced a bout of COVID-19. The Harris County Public Health stated the man “was unvaccinated and had been infected with COVID-19 previously. The individual was at higher risk of severe complications from COVID-19 due to his unvaccinated status and had underlying health conditions.”

As stated before, scientists are working around the clock to determine the severity of the variant. Spikes in cases are expected due to it being the holiday time. In addition, schools have closed down and gone back to virtual learning to prevent the further spread of the virus. Sports are also postponing games and have certain players under strict COVID-19 protocols. The Biden administration urges people to get vaccinated or their booster if eligible. Earlier today, the FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 pill, which can help reduce hospitalization and death.


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